Wednesday, August 10, 2011

cinta dan wanita

tuhan menjadikan kita berbeza beza.
tapi tuhan jadikan cinta supaya kita bersatu..
wanita jangan dibilang dia cantik..
tapi dibilang sangat cantik

wanita dijadikan atas nama cinta
kalau kita cari pasti jumpa
tapi jumpa yang macam mana?
kita yang buat pilihan..

keindahan wanita tak siapa yang tahu..
tapi yang pasti dia tetap indah
penantian ini pasti membuah kan hasil
cinta tak datang kalau tak dicari

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Lucknow is proud of its Kebabs. The Kakori Kebabs, Galawat ke Kebabs, Shami Kebabs, Boti Kebabs, Patili-ke-Kebabs, Ghutwa Kebabs and Seekh Kebabs are among the known varieties.

The Seekh Kebab has long been considered a piece de resistance in the Awadhi dastarkhwan. Introduced by the Mughals it was originally prepared from beef mince on skewers and cooked on charcoal fire. Now lamb mince is preferred for its soft texture.

The 100-year old Tunde ke Kebab in Chowk is the most famous outlet for choicest Kebabs even today. [2] Tunda Kebab is so named because it was a specialty of a one-armed chef. This restaurant's signature dish is its masala which is a zealously guarded family secret and prepared by women in the family. It is said to incorporate 160 spices.

Kakori kebab is considered blessed since it was originally made in the place by the same name in the dargah of Hazrat Shah Abi Ahder Sahib with divine blessings. Kakori Kebab is as far as perfection could go. The mince for the kabab is to be obtained from no other part but the raan ki machhli (tendon of the leg of mutton) other ingredients include khoya, white pepper and a mix of powdered spices which remains a closely guarded secret adds to the perfect blend.

The Shami Kebab is the most important of them all. Made from mince meat, with chopped onion and coriander and green chillies usually added to the mixture, the kebabs are round patties filled with spicy surprises and the tangy raw greenmango. The best time to have them is May when the fruit of the mango tree is in its infancy. When mangoes are not in season, kamrakh or karonda may be substituted for kairi, as both having a tart flavour reminiscent of the raw mango.

A variant made without any admixture or binding agents and comprising just the minced meat and the spices is the Galawat kebab.

An unusual offering is the Pasanda Kebab, piccata of lamb marinated and thensautéed on a griddle.

Boti kebab is lamb marinated in yoghurt and skewered, then well cooked. Traditionally, Boti Kebab (Lamb) is cooked in a clay oven called a tandoor. You can achieve an authentic tandoor flavor using your own barbecue grill.

Vegetarian kebabs include Dalcha Kebab, Kathal ke Kebab, Arbi ke Kebab, Rajma Galoti Kebab (kidney bean kebab cooked with aromatic herbs), Zamikand ke Kebab (Lucknowi yam kebabs), etc.